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How much is your rental property really costing you? Use our Negative Gearing Tax Simulator to determine the real cost of holding an investment property. Simply determine how efficient is your rental property.


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Selling a property should always entail careful planning from undertaking valuations, setting expectations, to strategic marketing. Achieving the desired outcomes must always be the objective.


View the video series to highlight various tax tips and learn about some of the issues to think about when buying a rental property. See details on deductions for depreciation and building costs.




Buying a property with your super?


Buying a property off-the-plan?


Buying a property with finance?



Investing in real estate and purchasing a property off-the-plan has become a very popular way of securing a property in a growth area before it’s even started. The demand for apartment living in the market is thriving across Australia, particularly in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. More of Australia's GDP is coming from knowledge-intensive industries and services.


These types of services are within or in close proximity to our major CBD's. This in turn produces its own economic dynamic of attracting more talented workers to these areas. As Australia's intensive-industry labour force strengthens it positively correlates with higher demand for properties in appealing city areas igniting a demographic shift towards city apartment living. Contact us for a no obligation discussion.




Buying into real estate is helping many investors increase their wealth base. Many people are now using a real estate portfolio to support their long term retirement strategy by establishing their own Self Managed Superannuation Fund. It gives many people the opportunity of controlling their investment returns…. Creating wealth through property investment is a very popular way to secure your financial future.


SMSF's are growing exponentially (on average around 180 people are setting up a new fund every day) and demand for SMSF borrowing is keeping pace with this market phenomenon. This is a highly specialised service and the product is designed to meet with specific banking borrowing requirements.  Contact us for a no obligation discussion.




Building a property portfolio starts with obtaining the right credit advice and establishing credit strategies that are responsive to your property acquisition needs. How do you maximise your borrowing power? Request your BEN Credit Capacity Analysis report to identify your BEN score which can help to maximise your credit capacity and reduce your credit risk.


The BEN Financial Stress Analysis provides you with a snap-shot of your financial capacity. It tracks your financial performance based on  market Lending Credit Assessment Criteria. This is a highly specialised service and the product is designed to meet with specific banking borrowing requirements.


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