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Fun for Your Customers, More Profit for You

Now customers have a fun and easy way to quickly receive your promotions and information.


What is a QR code?


QR code means a Quick Response code.


QR Code Marketing opens the door to greater brand awareness, revenues and business success. Simply post your QR Code in all your marketing materials including magazines, menus, catalogues, T-shirts, in-store signage, flyers, billboards, business cards, websites, Facebook fan pages, basically anywhere only your imagination is the limit.


All you need is a smart phone or a mobile device. It’s just like taking a picture! Simply point the device’s camera at the QR code and once it focuses it scans and captures your message or offer which is located on your website or our designed hosted landing pages.

Confidently grow your business on a mobile marketing platform

Create exclusive mobile offers that can be delivered to customers through QR codes SMS and mobile websites

Sample: from QR code to mobile landing page

QR Code – Mobile Landing Pages – by scanning the QR code triggers the mobile phone directly to your website location or our designed hosted Landing Pages.


Once customers scan your offer, you automatically collect their contact details. You can then continue to send them details of your other up-coming promotions and offers via other marketing channels such as SMS, MMS, email and Social Media.


This gives you the opportunity to engage and interact with your consumers by simply and quickly producing a QR code image from our SynergyOne platform.


You can also use QR codes for mobile voting for quick response surveys or direct them to a specific web page on your website or even a promotional product or service video on your website or a specific designed landing page.


This represents a great way to involve your customers to a call to action to drive business conversions.



QR codes allow advertisements, signage, and brochures, posters and even clothing or billboards – to direct users to mobile landing pages. These mobile landing pages can be custom designed and can contain detailed information, videos and images to engage users.

Why use a QR code campaign?




Your visitors are on the go – and are looking to find the most important information quickly. The QR code landing page must be easy to navigate and must have a clear and bold “Call-To-Action”.


No Information Overload


The QR Code mobile landing page is not a website – it’s just an online flyer with digital media explaining the respective product/event/service.

So it is best practice to include only relevant information


Social Integration


Make it easy for users to share the mobile landing page using Facebook /Twitter




Your QR Code Mobile Landing page should not be a solo entity. It should provide links to your mobile and desktop websites.


Take Your Business to the Next Level

    Speed-up the process of growing your opt-in customer database


    Dramatically increase advertising response rates


    Broaden your reach and retain more customers


    Give customers on-demand delivery of your special offers and latest news.




When you publish a QR code on any marketing material, customers can conveniently opt-in to your marketing or prospects list with a simple scan. QR codes may be permanent in print, but the linked content doesn’t have to be.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of using a QR code is that since your QR code is tied to a URL link that you provide, you can update the web content or offer at any time without the need to change the QR code so as your offer changes your QR code does not.


This means that your printed material is always current.


The following information can be encoded into a QR code (and not limited to)




       Telephone number

       SMS message

       Email (Send message)

       Google Map

       Social Media Profile  and much more


QR codes also provide extra marketing penetration to your print advertising material with

greater results driving your advertising budget further.


If you can take a photo than you can use a QR code don’t get left behind, use today’s

marketing digital media to reduce advertising costs and increase sales.


The Key to a successful QR code campaign is a clear call to action and a strategic mobile experience

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